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  1. This Trust plans to play the role of a PARENT COMPANY for a number of agribusinesses in Bihar state preparing products from the fruits and crops grown in large quantity in the unique agro–climatic conditions of Bihar state in India.
  2. The Trust would support promising agribusinesses in Bihar state and mainly give them disproportionate financial (and other) incentives.
  3. The funds required would be procured by the Company from various sources across the world on the strength of its effectiveness.
  4. This Trust would be – efficiently – managed on suitably modified Military systems on the advice/ recommendation of experts in the related fields.
  5. The Company would be staffed by suitable ex-servicemen of the Indian Army at the key (important) levels. Services of suitable Civilian specialists would also be taken by the Company as required. 
  6. Practical and Comprehensive measures related to all other management related parameters of Time and Space – as revealed by research; would be evolved over time.
  7. Systems of this Trust would be well–publicised; and transparent as required.
  8. This Trust would not get involved in the actual operations of its agribusinesses; it would simply support their profitability through its specialists and by additional funding procured by it from within India and from across the world.
  9. All activity of this Trust/Foundation would be conducted in a deliberate, well planned and systematic manner on the advice of specialists and experts.
  10. All Policy decisions concerning the Company would be taken in a Meeting of concerned specialists on all subjects involved; arranged by all its Directors.
  11. The Trust would recruit a Retired Colonel of the Indian Army as the Managing Director cum CFO of this Trust for Ten (05) years.
  12. He would be the Spokesman of this Company; and would represent it in all forums along with its CEO (Major Arun Jha (Retired)).
  13. The results of the entire activity of this Company would be unconditionally submitted to the Divine.
  14. All aspects of the Company (including the salaries of its entire staff) would be strictly monitored; and detailed Corporate (Military) systems would be followed.
  15. No single staff of the Trust (including its CEO) would be authorised to take one-sided Policy decisions on behalf of this Company.
  16. All decisions of this Company would be taken in a deliberate and well planned manner; and  IMMEDIATE decisions (of even its CEO) would be null and void.