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Social Impact


 In its first stage of five (05) years; this Company would achieve the following Social impact in Bihar state in India:

  1. A remarkable increase in the number of agribusinesses making products from indigenous crops grown in the state.
  2. A rise in the overall economic indicators of Bihar state as a result of this increase in the number of agribusinesses.
  3. Increased employment generation in the state.
  4. Reduction in migrations of people at the BOP from the state to other states in India.
  5. Improved Law and Order situation in Bihar state.


 This Company has been structured to continue in existence in Bihar state in India for all Time – Decades, Centuries and Millenniums.

  1. This effort would highlight the spiritual inclination – and tendency – of India internationally; and its effectiveness is certain to sustain it from contributions (Donations or Grants) from sources of funds across the world for all Time.