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Q.1. What is the Market Opportunity in this space?     


  1. The contribution of organically grown food towards the better health of human beings – in partnership with nature – is well known.
  2. This Trust/Foundation (the Bihar Food Security Foundation) aims to ensure a remarkable increase in the number of agribusinesses in Bihar state growing crops and fruits typical to the unique agro-climatic conditions of the state by Organic (Natural) means of farming;
  3. Bihar state in India – spanning 94,168 SQ Km of Plain and Fertile land; has more than 100 different agro-climatic zones; and such an initiative is long overdue.
  4. This Trust/Foundation would maintain its focus on Bihar state in India only. It would also share its experiences and the details of its systems with Social enterprises in other states (agro–climatic zones) in India.
  5. The amount of socially relevant funds for India in the form of Social Venture Capital funds and investments from Impact Investment funds from across the world are projected to greatly increase in the coming decades and centuries.
  6. This effort would inspire the residents of Bihar state to raise their own agribusinesses in their areas and would also support them in the process.
  7. The Market Opportunity for this initiative is highly promising in light of the facts mentioned above.

Q.2. What is the proof of Concept for this Venture?


  1. This Trust is planned to be operated on suitably modified Military means of management.
  2. The effort would utilize the services of ex-servicemen of the Indian Army at the suitable (KEY) levels for its smooth administrative execution; and suitable persons related with the ‘Art of Living Foundation’ (AOL) would be involved at its top management levels for its effective overall execution.
  3. Courses of the AOL have proven to be very effective in raising the entrepreneurial spirit of populations in many states in India (including in Bihar state) and in 155 countries on Planet earth.
  4. This effectiveness of Courses of the AOL would be leveraged by this Trust to achieve its Strategic aim of raising the domestic agricultural production of India – of organically grown produce – for all Time (Decades, Centuries and Millenniums) – in light of its increasing population.

Q.3. What PROBLEMS are anticipated by this effort? How are these planned to be addressed?


  1. A major problem that this effort anticipates is that of inadequate response from the residents of Bihar state; and apprehension of lesser profitability.
  2. Agriculture is presently not a profitable means of making money in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India; and so; the residents of the state, because of their poverty, prefer a more guaranteed method of earning their livelihoods.
  3. Thus, it is seen that most of the productive population in the state migrates away from this state to other states in India or to other countries in the world to earn their livelihoods mainly daily wages.
  4. As per estimates; approximately 2.4 Million youths from Bihar state – from the BOP – migrate to other states in India or to other countries to earn their livelihoods as menial labour; mainly as Farm labourers or as Construction workers.

Q.4 Kindly give out a detailed analysis of this situation and the logical solution planned.


  1. The PLAIN land in Bihar state (spanning 94,168 SQ Km) has been rendered very fertile by the Silt deposited by the rivers flowing through the mountains (melting Himalayan Glaciers) over the years and is therefore very amenable to Organic farming methods; and Food Processing overall.
  2. As such; agriculture should be the Primary profession of the residents of the state, and of its residents should be carrying out farming in their fields.


  1. BACKGROUND: Courses of the “Art of Living” (AOL – Founded by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) have proven to be very effective in raising the levels of entrepreneurship in populations in many states in India and in more than 155 countries on Planet Earth.
  2. Courses of the AOL would be conducted FREE OF COST in Bihar state in India in a well coordinated manner by this Company.
  3. The residents of Bihar state would be inspired to stop going to places outside their state; and take to Organic farming in their areas; with the support of this Trust.
  4. The Pilot Stage in this direction is being operated in Bihar state over FIVE (05) years on funds of minimum USD 1 Million (Rs 6 Crore @ 1 USD = 60 INR).
  5. There is a problem that the produce grown by the farmers of Bihar state is not effectively marketed; and this Trust would address this issue by getting them to sell their produce to agribusinesses registered with this Trust; and supporting the agribusinesses by raising their profitability.

 Q.5. What will be the future actions of the Company when registered agribusinesses in Bihar state fill their applications in its website?


This Trust would:

  1. Periodically (on Monthly, Quarterly or Half-yearly basis) get all plans submitted on its website; studied and analysed by specialists in the conditions in Bihar state.
  2. Select the most promising agribusinesses after their ground verification.
  3. All other submissions which have not been selected could be advised; depending on the number of applications.
  4. The Trust would select the most promising agribusinesses; and support them in being more profitable by providing them with Specialist advice at their ground locations, assistance in Marketing their produce and by additional funds procured by it from across the world. 
  5. The plans of the Trust would continue to evolve with time; and it has the FAITH that everything would proceed along the lines most favourable for this Company.