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Free Courses of the Art of Living Foundation (AOL) founded by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar would be conducted in Madhubani district in a well coordinated manner for smallholder farmers by this Company.


  1. Farmers attending these Courses would be inspired to form into groups of minimum FIVE (05) each; and send their details to this Company online.
  2. The farmers of all groups applying to this Company would be located near each other and would be prepared to follow the PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) methods of Certified Organic Farming as per the terms and conditions of this Company.


The first Seed Distribution Centre (Seed Bank) of this Company would be raised in village Babu Pali (Palimohan) in Madhubani district.


  1. The Seed Bank would be staffed by TWO (02) suitable residents of the village; and by TWO (02) suitable ex-servicemen of the Indian Army; a retired Havaldar and a Naik Clerk. Services of other persons could be hired on contract basis.
  2. The Seed Bank would be operated on suitably modified Military systems; and suitable amounts of genuine Organic Seeds of Paddy, Wheat and Pulses would be stored in them.


This Company would study the applications of all interested groups of farmers which apply to it online and would carry out their (required) verifications.


  1. The Company would have the applicants agree to its – researched – terms and conditions when they apply to it.
  2. The Company would select minimum 23 groups of smallholder farmers to be TENTATIVELY supported by it and would inform them on their future schedule.


All (115) farmers of the selected 23 groups would undergo the Course in Certified Organic Farming methods along with the important officials of the Company.


  1. The NCOF (National Centre for Organic Farming); HQ in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh state in India conducts free courses in Organic Farming for interested farmers in India as per their training schedule. This Company would arrange to get all its groups of smallholder farmers TENTATIVELY selected to be supported by it to attend this Course; either all at once; or in batches of 30 to 40 each as per the convenience of the NCOF.
  2. The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) means of Organic Certification is followed by the NCOF for giving Organic Certification to the groups of smallholder farmers in India pursuing Organic Farming methods employing its certification. The officials of this Company would learn specific aspects related to the inspections carried out by officials of the NCOF.
  3. The profitability potential of Certified Organic produce in India is highly promising; and the crops grown by the smallholder farmers in Madhubani district – facilitated by this Company – would be sold by it to Companies marketing Organic agricultural produce within India.



The Twenty (20) groups to be FINALLY SUPPORTED by this Company would be named and informed online; and also physically.


  1. This entire process would be completed within ONE (01) year – or ONE (01) harvesting season.
  2. Once the Systems are in place; they would be easily implemented on suitably modified Military lines by ex-servicemen of the Indian Army at the execution levels.


Selected groups would collect genuine (CERTIFIED, ORGANIC) seeds from the concerned Seed Distribution Centre (Seed Bank) of the Company in Madhubani district for FREE.


  1. The groups of smallholder farmers taking FREE Organic seeds from the Seed Bank of the Company would return to it; DOUBLE the amount after harvest.


Smallholder farmers of the various groups would carry out farming on their farms as per prescribed Organic methods; and this Company would complete all formalities and procedures required with the NCOF for Organic Certification of their produce.


  1. This Company would coordinate with the concerned Zonal and Regional Offices of the NCOF regarding the inspections of its smallholder farmers for the required Organic Certifications.


After harvest; the concerned groups of smallholder farmers would return DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF Organic seeds (taken by them) to the concerned Seed Bank of this Company.


  1. In this Pilot Stage; in all probability; there might be only ONE (01) Seed Bank in Madhubani district in Bihar state in India.
  2. Further Seed Banks of this Company would be raised in the district – and in other districts in Bihar state in India – as and when additional funds start coming to the Company from various sources.




This Company would collect the entire produce of the groups of (smallholder) farmers supported by it from their ground locations and store them in suitable locations in and around Madhubani district as per prescribed Organic methods.


  1. The Company would purchase the crops grown by the farmers supported by it at 30% higher prices of similar other (conventionally grown) crops in the area.
  2. The Company would coordinate the sale (and onward supply) of these products with agricultural marketing companies marketing Organic agricultural produce within India beforehand in a timely manner.


  1. The DOMESTIC agricultural production (Food Security situation) of India is projected to reach very alarming levels by the year 2050 and beyond due to its exponentially increasing population – the amount of available land remaining constant.
  2. There are many sources of funds that such an effort could approach for sustaining itself – and profiting from its initiatives.
  3. Some of these sources include funds (Donations or Grants) from the Government of India and Bihar state; funds (Donations or Grants) from:
    1. International Development Agencies like USAID (United States Agency for International Development), UKAID (United Kingdom Agency for International Development) SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) etc.
    2. The United Nations and its various initiatives like UNDP (United Nations Development Program), IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), WFP (World Food Programme); etc.
    3. Private Social Venture Capital and Impact Investment Funds
    4. Trusts, Foundations and Endowments supporting raising the Food Security situation of India.