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Modus Operandi



This Company would:

  1. Focus on raising the domestic production of Organic agricultural crops in India – of various kinds in the fertile plains of its Bihar state spanning 94,168 SQ Km.
  2. Carry out Pilot testing of its plans in its initial five (05) years in Madhubani district of Bihar state and later expand its activity in the other 37 districts of Bihar state in a balanced manner; as revealed by experience.
  3. This stage has been planned on an amount of Rs 30 Crore (equal to USD 5 Million @ 1 USD = 60 INR) procured from Startup India initiative of the Government of India.
  4. This Company has been incorporated under the Companies Registration Act, 2013 on 18 Jan 2016; and it meets all the requirements for a startup under the Startup India initiative.
  5. Paddy, Wheat and Pulses are mainly grown in the agro-climatic conditions of Bihar state; and this Company would deal in these Crops.


  1. This Company would:
    1. Give FREE Organic seeds to the farmers of Madhubani district – on the condition that they would return double the amount taken by them from the Company after harvest.
    2. Select groups of farmers from Madhubani district.
    3. The groups would be verified to be suitable for being supported for being given ORGANIC CERTIFICATION; from the concerned (Government) Organic certifying agencies by this Company.
    4. Get the crops grown by the GROUPS of farmers (registered with it) collected from their ground locations and store them as per prescribed Organic means of storage.
    5. Purchase the (CERTIFIED ORGANIC) crops grown by the farmers registered with it at 30% higher rates than similar crops grown by conventional methods.


  1. Procure the required funds from the Startup India fund of funds as per the prescribed procedures.
  2. Get FREE Courses of the ‘Art of Living’ (AOL – founded by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) in Madhubani district to suitably publicise the plans of this Company among the farmers at the ground level.
  3. Inspire interested farmers – located nearby – to form into groups and contact this Company online with all their required details.
  4. Raise a number of Seed Distribution Centers (Seed Banks) in important villages in Madhubani district.
  5. Suitably plan regarding the proper management of the purchased (Certified Organic) Paddy, Wheat and Pulses grown by the farmers registered with it.
  6. This would include the following:
    1. Storage of the (Certified Organic) Crops grown by the farmers of Madhubani district; as per PRESCRIBED ORGANIC methods.
    2. Conversion of the procured paddy into Rice for onward marketing.
    3. The intricacies of Organic Certification from the National Centre of Organic Farming HQ in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in India.
  7. Coordinating the Marketing of the (Certified Organic) Crops with the Collection Centers of Agriculture Marketing Companies marketing Organic crops within India at profitable rates.


  1. This Company would inform all selected groups of farmers online after their (necessary) verifications.
  2. This Company anticipates a huge response from smallholder farmers in Madhubani district to its offerings; and so; Courses of the ‘Art of Living’ (AOL – founded by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) would be compulsory for interested groups of farmers.
  3. This Company would aim to support minimum 500 smallholder farmers in Madhubani district in Organic methods of farming in its First stage of Five (05) years @ minimum 100 smallholder farmers per year. This would come to minimum 20 Groups of smallholder farmers @ minimum 5 smallholder farmers per group.




  1. All Seed Banks would be located in important villages in Madhubani district.
  2. Majority of the staff of the Seed Banks would be suitable residents of the concerned villages.
  3. All the staff of the Seed Banks would receive their salaries from this Company; and would be operated on suitably modified Military systems.
  4. In light of this; there would be three (03) ex-servicemen of the Indian Army in each Seed Bank; depending on the various parameters involved.
  5. The selected (registered) groups would collect their required amounts of – genuine – Organic seeds from the Seed Banks of this Company.
  6. The groups would return double the amount of seeds taken by them from this Company.
  7. Proper stocking, storage and accounting of the Organic seeds in the Seed Banks would be done as per suitably researched Military systems by the residents of the concerned villages under the supervision of the three (03) ex-servicemen of the Indian Army in the Seed Bank.