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Executive Summary





  1. This Trust plans to raise the profitability of agriculture in Bihar state in India.


  1. The method planned is by raising the profitability of agribusinesses preparing processed Food products from crops and fruits grown in the unique agro-climatic conditions of Bihar state.


  1. The Trust plans to play the role of a PARENT Organisation for agribusinesses in Bihar state preparing products from fruits and crops grown in large quantity in the unique agro–climatic conditions of Bihar state in India.


  1. This Trust would support promising agribusinesses in Bihar state and give them disproportionate financial (and various other) incentives.


  1. The funds required would be procured by the Trust from all sources across the world on the strength of its effectiveness.


  1. There are many fruits and crops – typical to Bihar state – which have significant medicinal and nutritional properties; but their potential has not been suitably leveraged.


  1. Singhara (Water Chestnut); is known to reduce high blood pressure besides having many other health benefits. Ramdana (Amaranth) is known to have anti-diabetic properties and is a rich source of proteins. Makhana (Fox Nut) is known to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, diarrhoea and insomnia. It is also known to be very effective in addressing obesity.


  1. Processed Food Products prepared from the crops/fruits mentioned above (like Makhana Flakes, Singhara Atta, and Ramdana Laddoo etc) have great potential for profitability once their medicinal and nutritional properties are suitably advertised.


  1. This Trust would ensure an exponential increase in the number of Food Processing Units (agribusinesses) preparing products from these – and similar other – crops grown in the unique agro-climatic conditions of Bihar state) with the higher aim of raising the profitability of agriculture in the state.


  1. In its Pilot Stage of Five (05) years; this Trust would aim to support minimum 100 such agribusinesses in Bihar state @ minimum 25 agribusinesses per year).


  1. There are a number of funding agencies from across the world supporting promising (and profitable) agribusinesses in developing countries like India; but these go largely unutilized.


  1. Broadly; this Trust plans to motivate and encourage the residents of Bihar state to raise their own Food Processing Units (agribusinesses) in their areas by getting registered with it.


  1. This Trust would further supplement the profits made by its agribusinesses through additional (Small) Grants procured by it from various sources across the world and by procuring all possible subsidies entitled to them from the Government of Bihar state and the Government of India.


  1. This Trust would contribute a majority funding stake (minimum 51%) in the management of its agribusinesses for Five (05) years; in a structured manner.


  1. This Trust would send its specialists to the ground locations of its agribusinesses to give them timely operational advice and also monitor the proper utilisation of its funds.


  1. The Trust would be managed on suitably modified Military lines and would be staffed by suitable ex-servicemen of the Indian Army at the key (important) levels.




The INSPIRATION behind this Trust is ABSOLUTE FAITH in the words of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; Founder of the “Art of Living” (AOL) that:




  1. (FREE) Courses of the AOL would be conducted in Bihar state in a well-planned manner by this Trust and the residents of the state would be inspired to register their own agribusinesses in their areas; and to contact it with their plans.


  1. The emails of this Trust would be given in these Courses; and this Trust would physically interview all interested agribusinesses that apply to it in its HQ in Patna in Bihar.


  1. The Trust would select the most promising agribusinesses from among all agribusinesses applying to it with which it could get involved for Five (05) years.


  1. The Trust would take 25% of the total profits made by the agribusinesses for the previous year.


  1. The Trust would periodically credit additional funds in the Bank Accounts of its agribusinesses – procured by it from all possible sources.


  1. This Trust could discard (De-Register) any of its agribusinesses in case of discomfort (non-compliance or misbehavior).




This Trust would also give many other incentives to its agribusinesses. It would:


  1. Get the produce of its agribusinesses CERTIFIED AS ORGANIC (for FREE) from agencies recognised by the NPOP (National Program for Organic Production) of the Government of India.


  1. Carry out the processes for claiming the CROP INSURANCE of its agribusinesses in case of Drought or the vagaries of nature.


  1. Arrange the entitled funds for its agribusinesses to the Government of Bihar, (NABARD – National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) and from all other agencies of the Govt of India.


  1. Arrange funds for its agribusinesses from all other funding agencies around the world.


  1. Send members of its agribusinesses for Courses organised by the Government of India (NABARD) and by other agencies around the world.


  1. Advertise the benefits of the products of its agribusinesses in suitable forums.


  1. Assist its agribusinesses in profitably MARKETING their produce.