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Executive Summary

  1. The projections for the availability (and prices) of food on planet Earth – and for India – are a cause of real concern in the present times and also in the future to the people at the concerned levels.
  2. The United Nations has earmarked sufficient funds for raising the SUSTAINABLE (Organic) agricultural production  of Developing countries like India.
  3. The Global Poverty Management Private Limited; HQ in Patna in Bihar state in India has been raised in Jan 2016 to get involved in this space (of raising the DOMESTIC agricultural production of India through Bihar state – from CROWDFUNDING support across the Globe) and plans to profit from raising the SUSTAINABLE (Organic) agricultural production  of India through the fertile plains of its Bihar state.
  4. This Company would visibly raise the profitability of smallholder farmers in growing CERTIFIED Organic crops in their fields; starting from Madhubani district in Bihar state in India.
  5. This Company (Social enterprise) would support smallholder farmers in Bihar state in India to profit from CERTIFIED Organic farming methods.
  6. The positive contribution of Organically grown food – in partnership with nature – towards the better health of people and the environment; is well known – and supported by the international community including by the United Nations and many other sources of funds. These include Crowdfunding Sources, Social Impact Venture Funds, Donations or Grants from High Net Worth Individuals, International Development Agencies.
  7. This Company would ensure a remarkable increase in the number of farmers growing their crops by Organic (Natural) means of farming in Bihar state – spanning 99,200 SQ Km of Plain and Fertile land – while  profiting from the above mentioned sources of funds.
  8. After successfully proving its effectiveness in Bihar state; this Company would expand its operations to other states (agro–climatic zones) in India in a well researched manner.
  9. The INSPIRATION behind this Company is HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; Founder of the ‘Art of Living’ (AOL).
  11. This Company would establish its credibility In its Madhubani district of Bihar state on funds of minimum Rs 6 Crore (USD 1 Million @ 1 USD = 60 INR).
  12. After successfully executing these operations; this Company plans to procure minimum USD 5 Million over Five (05) years.
  13. With these funds; the Company would aim to support minimum 600 farmers from Madhubani district to profit from Organic methods of Farming @ minimum 150 farmers per year over four (04) years.
  14. The first year would be the PREPARATORY Stage in which this Company would carry out the required executive preparations.
  15. This Company would get the required certifications for the farmers registered with it – that their produce has been genuinely grown and handled by Organic methods – from the concerned Agency/Department of the Government of India.
  16. The Company would purchase all the produce grown by the farmers registered with it – from their ground locations — and would store them in various (locally available) Storage locations in Madhubani district in Bihar state.
  17. This Company would sell the (CERTIFIED ORGANIC) produce held with it to agriculture marketing Companies in Domestic Indian markets (located in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi etc.).
  18. This Company would be staffed at the executive (lower) levels by suitable ex-servicemen of the Indian Army from all states in India for the entire period it is in existence.
  19. The Company is planned to be sustained from Grants from sources supporting raising the agricultural production in developing countries like India.
  20. Contributions (Donations) from various other sources like Crowdfunding, Impact Investment funds and Social Venture Capital funds on the strength of its effectiveness of enhancing the Food Security situation of India by Organic methods of farming would further raise the Profitability – and reserves – of Company.