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  • These are the plans of the Global Poverty Management Pvt Ltd from Patna in Bihar state in India.
  • This Company has been regd under the Companies Regn Act, 2013 in Jan 2016; and its website is
  • I, Major Arun Jha (Retired), 46 yrs, am the CEO of this Company.
  • The Mission of this Company is to support the profitability of CERTIFIED Organic farming in Bihar state in India; and to profit from the exercise.
  • The Company would be staffed by ex-servicemen of the Indian Army at suitable levels operated on suitably modified Military systems.
  • THE INSPIRATION POWERING THIS EFFORT is the firm BELIEF (and CONVICTION) in the words of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that:


  • As such; the required FUNDS have been ASSUMED TO BE available for the activity of this Company at all times.
  • Specifically; this Company has been planned to be sustained from crowdfunding sources of funds and from Donations and/or Grants from sources of funds across the world on the strength of its effectiveness.


  1. Presently; this Company plans to launch its Pilot project in Madhubani district in Bihar state in India over three (03) years on funds of Rs 6 Crore (USD 1 Million @ 1 USD = 60 INR).
  2. With these funds of Rs 6 Crore; the Company would support the profitability of minimum 100 smallholder farmers – in Organic farming – in Madhubani district of Bihar state @ minimum 30 farmers per year over the three (03) years.
  3. The Organic Certifications for the farmers of the First Batch (year) supported by this Company would come through by the end of the third year; and then; the actual action of this Company along these lines would begin.
  4. After these three years; the Company would consolidate itself in Madhubani district for another Five (05) to six (06) years as proper.
  5. The Company would gradually expand its activity to all other districts of Bihar state; so that it becomes operational in all 38 districts of Bihar state – over Time.



This Company would inform Smallholder farmers of the concerned district in Bihar and give its emails to them to contact it with their details.Interested farmers from the concerned District would contact the Company, and promising farmers would be selected after their ground verifications.

STEP II This Company would give FREE (Organic) seeds to its farmers – based on the season and other parameters. On the CONDITION THAT they would RETURN DOUBLE THE AMOUNT TO IT after harvest.

STEP IIIThe Company would coordinate with agencies recognised by the NPOP (National Program on Organic Production)for the Organic Certifications and tying up of the visits of their officials to the ground locations of its farmers.

STEP IV After harvest; this Company would collect the produce of its farmers from their ground locations. At much higher prices than similar other crops grown in their area (district).

STEP V This Company would store the entire produce of its farmers in locally available storage locations (hired by it). As per prescribed Organic methods; and with full (Military) security

STEP VI This Company would sell the produce held with it to Companies marketing (Organic) agricultural produce within India.


  1. I, Major Arun Jha (Retired); 46 yrs; the CEO of this Company, originally belong to village Babupali in Madhubani district of Bihar state; but I have been born and brought up in Lonavla in Pune district of Maharashtra state in India because my (late) father used to work there.
  2. My parents maintained contact with our roots (relatives, culture, language and property) in Madhubani dist; and I plan to return to my roots (Bihar) with this Company and these plans.
  3. My wife is from a village in Madhubani district of Bihar state; and we have two children (Elder Daughter and Son – both below 19 yrs as on the date of this Video – Aug 2017).
  4. I have survived a SEVERE Head Injury in Nov 1993 in which I was in Coma for 20 days because my skull was fractured in 23 places in a Road Traffic Accident while undergoing a Military Course.
  5. The scars on my head due to this accident are GLARINGLY VISIBLE; but I retain all my earlier faculties – even though I have been given 40% Medical Disability from the Indian Army.
  6. I am on Anti – epileptic Drugs OxCarbazepine 600 Mg daily; which I get from the existing arngs for ex-servicemen in India.
  7. I retain all my abilities to this degreeto be able to prepare – and present – such plans; almost 24 yrs after my accident; I feel that I am really DESTINED to materialise these plans.
  8. The continuity of my thoughts along these lines was also maintained by DESTINY; and by Divine grace.
  9. Details of my thoughts along these lines since Apr 2007 can be seen from Google search of the keywords: PLANS FOR RAISING THE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION OF INDIA BIHAR ARUN JHA SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR.
  10. Presently; the situation with me is that I have taken Premature Retirement from my Military service in the Indian Army and am staying near Danapur Cantonment near Patna in Bihar state.
  11. Even now I can live comfortably on my Military Pension; but I feel I should be getting involved in these plans along the lines given earlier to realise the purpose of my getting Human birth.
  12. These plans have been prepared on the FAITH that minimum 6 Crore (USD 1 Mn) would be available for the activity of this Company at the DESTINED Time.
  13. This Company is ready to start its operations in Madhubani district by Sep 2017; irrespective of whether this amt (Rs 6 Crore) becomes available to it.
  14. It is going to conduct a FREE Course (of the AOL) in Madhubani district in Aug 2017 to inform the farmers about these plans – and give its emails to them; the interested farmers would soon contact it.
  15. This Company has the FAITH that the funds, as DESTINED, would keep becoming available for its activity at all time as DESTINED. Thank you.