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The only possible competition to this Trust (Foundation) at the scale envisaged is the Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (



  • The BEA focuses on supporting entrepreneurship in the entire Bihar state. Its FOCUS is very broad; spanning a wide range (gamut) of sectors.
  • THE FOCUS OF THIS TRUST is highly specific. It would focus on supporting the profitability of Food Processing Units (agribusinesses) preparing processed food products from crops and fruits grown in large quantities in the unique agro-climatic conditions of (the entire) Bihar state.


  • THE BEA is registered as a Not for Profit organisation HQ in Patna and is dependent for its existence (funding) on the Government of Biharapart from other sources.It does not have much freedom and is more ACCOUNTABLE to the Government of Bihar state.
  • THIS TRUST is registered as a legal entity under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and is HQ in Patna.It has greater prospects of getting funds from the Private Sector in India, from across the world and also from the Government of Bihar and from the Government of India on the strength of its effective activity.


  • THE MANAGEMENT OF THE BEA is composed of successful entrepreneurs from Bihar state; and is managed on Corporate lines and systems. Mr. Nitish Kumar; the present Chief Minister of Bihar claims it (the BEA) to be his brain child; and the very existence of BEA depends on the existing Politics in Bihar state. The future of BEA would be uncertain; once the JD(U) Government of Nitish Kumar is voted out of power.
  • THIS TRUST would be staffed by ex-servicemen of the Indian Army from Bihar state at the key (IMPORTANT) levels; and is planned to be operated on well researched (cohesive) Military systems.The most suitable measures recommended by specialists would be instituted in the Company. As such; there would be lesser chances of friction in this Company; and it would also be able to achieve its Mission of raising the profitability of agribusinesses in Bihar state preparing products from crops and fruits grown in the unique agro-climatic conditions of Bihar state.